On September 6th St Maarten lay right in the middle of Hurricane Irma’s monster path and devastation happened. The entire island was smashed, including the Sint Maarten Yacht Club. The docks, deck and fleet got severely damaged or wiped out. As a result, the young students enrolled in sailing lessons as part of our Youth Sailing Program no longer have the opportunity to sail until we rebuild our docks and replace the fleet. We have organized a temporary solution for the students still on island off Kim Sha Beach, however this significantly reduces the capacity of kids we can take sailing with a limited number of boats. With all the devastation surrounding the children of St. Maarten, we are determined to rebuild and to provide the youth with a positive activity and distraction from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.


Rebuilding the Sint Maarten Yacht Club will also allow us to continue our efforts to promote sailing, increase tourism through sailing events, and to bring the local community together.


In order to rebuild, we are seeking donations to support our efforts. On the right is an overview of all that has to be replaced or rebuilt in order to fully function and positively contribute to the economy of St Maarten. The Sint Maarten Yacht Club has become the home of many sailors, island families, and the local community. We hope you will be able to contribute and support our efforts in keeping this home alive.


​Contributions can be made by credit card or by means of a wire transfer


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Yours Sincerely,


Michel Soons

Commodore Sint Maarten Yacht Club


We're here to promote Sailing and Youth Sailing on the beautiful, sunny island of Sint Maarten!


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