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$200 with the following conditions...

  • Initiation fees are waived if the party was part of a family membership before

  • If the party was previously a member of a yacht club in another jurisdiction, was a current member for at least 5 years and can show proof of such, the initiation fee may be waived at the discretion of the SMYC Board of Directors. 

  • If the party wishing to be considered for membership considers themselves to have made substantial contributions to yachting in the past and on that basis wishes to have their initiation fee waived, then may apply in writing to the SMYC Board of Directors.

  • Parties who resign from the club for reasons specified in a letter to the SMYC Board of Directors and are considered to be reasonable; when wishing to become members again they may apply and their initiation fee may be waived on that basis. 

  • In respect of the interpretation of Family Membership and voting, both members of a couple are assumed to be voting members and full members of the club. Family members (children) above the age of 18 years are not included in Family Membership. 

  • Initiation fees can be refunded to persons in the first three years after having paid the initiation fee if they leave the island. Up to the end of the second year, they can receive a return of 75% of the initiation fee. After the end of the second year and until the end of the third year, they can receive a return of 60%. After three years, there is no refund possible.

  • Junior Membership will function as per the constitution. Junior Members will be admitted at a membership fee of $100.00 annually. This membership applies from age 8 to 18 years old. Junior members do not have voting rights (as per the constitution) and can graduate to full membership.

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