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135 kids had fun in the sun at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club summer camp sponsored by Solstice

Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten – August 9, 2022 – For the duration of 6 weeks 135 kids enjoyed sailing summer camp at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club sponsored by Solstice. The sailing camp combines sailing with watersports, informative clinics and of course a lot of fun!

During the summer camp kids were taught a basic understanding of sailing, while having a lot of fun with their peers on the water. Sailing was not the only activity during the summer camp, as they also enjoyed water sports activities, clinics, and many games and puzzles. Every week had a specific theme, and the groups was divided in teams to create a healthy level of competition. Solstice’s sponsorship guaranteed that a number of underprivileged local youth got a chance to participate in the program free of charge. In addition, they provided inflatable paddle boards (one that can take up to 6 people!) and a swim platform with a slide. With the support from local businesses, like Tri Sport, Aqua Mania Adventures, Arawak Sailing and 12 Metres, the kids got the opportunity to participate in kayaking, snorkeling, water sports and boat excursions.

With lunch provided from a variety of restaurants such as the Sint Maarten Yacht Club, Lagoonies, Captain D’s and Zeebest, the kids were able to enjoy substantial and healthy meals.

The Sint Maarten Nature Foundation visited the Sint Maarten Yacht Club for several weeks to provide an educational opportunity for the children to create awareness about the marine life of Sint Maarten and to highlight the dangers of pollution with the intention to enlighten the kids on how to preserve the environment.

The Sint Maarten Yacht Club was especially proud to welcome back 3 former students from the Sailing Program, who are currently abroad studying, to engage and support the upcoming youths on their sailing journey during the sailing summer camp. While experiencing the personal benefit of being able to teach, learn and earn as assistant sailing instructors.

“This summer camp was very beneficial to the participating kids because it gave them an introduction to sailing, which could lead to great opportunities in their futures. They could become passionate about the marine industry, the second largest income industry of Sint Maarten. For some it may have been more about the fun aspect and being out on the water with their friends, in the end, all would have learned personal skills and we hope to see them back sailing again.” Said head coach Sam Peeks.

The Sint Maarten Yacht Club is extremely grateful to the local community, businesses, and parents for all the support these past weeks. The Sint Maarten Yacht Club Sailing School will reopen on August 29th to welcome students back for another wonderful sailing season.

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