Aberson Series Starts!

With the last series having been impacted by light winds, the first day of the next series, the Aberson series looks like it will see stiff breezes on the first day. The wind is forecast for 18 to 22 knots which fits in the strong but manageable category.

Numerous entries have already been made with Justin Pieterse, the winner of the last series in the Laser class having big plans and Chris de Wilde in the Optimists wanting to get the most experience. Louka Williams did not like the Pico in the light winds so this should suit him. In the Sunfast 20 class there are six boats scheduled to sail including last weeks winner Ian Martin. Garth Steyn and Iain Mobbs and Shag Morton are not going to be light competition in that class.

The first race is, as per regular at 2 pm inside the lagoon in the normal sailing corner. Registraion will be at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club from noon to 1:30. Registration is essential if you are to be scored!

This series is named after the late Dr Rob Aberson, a medical doctor who was a great support to the Sint Maarten community, in the early years from his “Back Street Clinic” Aberson was also a very keen sailor and stood out for his sportsmanship. His greater interest was always to be fair and correct and whilst he sailed hard in many many events in the Caribbean, his efforts and success were always secondary to his interest that the competition was fair.

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