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BART’S BASH was a great success!

Last weekend the Sint Maarten Yacht Club organized the fifth edition of BART’S BASH. A total of nineteen different boats registered to the race. All the contestants were exited, the weather was good, we had excellent wind, so all conditions were in our favor. The race was divided in two different starts, the Optimist & Laser picos and the Lasers & RS Visions. The end of the Regatta came after four races of good sailing. There were participants who did sail their first sailing race and showed their talent with really good results.

In the optimist class, Emma Lennox won all races. Jordan Pieterse copied that in the Laser pico class. Frits Bus took the overall in the laser class and in the RS vision class Summer Jean Morton and Sahil Khatnani took the day by passing their rivals.

BART’S BASH was a special year this year, because The Sint Maarten Yacht Club had the chance to put all collected donations in the development of their own sailing program. The sailors from the Sint Maarten Yacht Club did a great job and collected more than 400$! The winner of most fund-raised boat was Kippy Gilders with a fantastic donation.

We can conclude that BART’S BASH fifth edition has been a well-managed race, especially if we look back one a year ago after hurricane Irma. We showed BART’S BASH that we are back!

BART’S BASH is a global sailing event taking place at 100s of venues, with 1000s of sailors in 100s of different classes of boats around the world. BART’S BASH is a fun race

that is about increasing participation in raising sailing funds, the event gives people the excitement of being part of a global sailing race and eventually introduce people to sailing.

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