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Beautiful day out on the water with twenty-three competitors during the Hoedemaker Day 2

The second day of the Hoedemaker series, which is part of the Grant Thornton Season Championship, provided further evidence that local sailing is having one of its best seasons for a long time that should result in a strong sailing future for Sint Maarten. Twenty-Three boats were on the water for the second day in five classes. Moderate manageable and relatively consistent breezes led to close fleet finishes.

The competitive Laser class show Jolyon Ferron bow to the extensive experience of Frits Bus on the second day. Veteran David de Vries pushed Justin Pieterse out of third place through having done both race days.

In the Sunfast class Garth Steyn continued his excellent form by adding another three bullets to his previous perfect score. Iain Mobbs tied with Petro Jonker for second place but the ties was broken in favor of Petro who had taken the single win not covered by Garth Steyn.

Ajani Blake dominated the Laser Pico class and looks ready to step up to a class with more competition. Melina de Vries took second.

The Optimist class saw a new sailor, Arhan Baharani, join the fleet against the “Old Hands” group of Veronica Destin, Chris de Wilde, Adriaan Coppelmans and Caii Banting. Banting dominated again but de Wilde and Coppelmans are switching. This time Coppelmans came out in front of de Wilde.

The Quest class continues to be dominated by Summer Jean Morton and Mathijs Detering, but different crews seem to be preparing an onslaught. Arthur Banting and Caoimhe Brennan would have been more successful if they had not turned over and dug their mast in the lagoon mud but he still came second. Louka Williams has teamed up with Param Jessani and we look forward to that team advancing. This time they took third.

Next week sees the Keelboats in action on Sunday 31st January. Dinghy Sailors should be practicing and preparing for the Sint Maarten National Championship’s full day event on Saturday 27th November.

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