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Carib Marine Race - 15 & 16 May

Over the past many years Sint Maarten sailors have enjoyed two regattas in the month of May. One was the Captain Olivers regatta and the other the Anguilla Regatta. Circumstances do not allow those regattas this year. So the sailing committee is introducing a new regatta to take place on May 15th and 16th within the borders of Dutch Sint Maarten to be called the Carib Marine regatta. No passports, no clearing in or out and no virus testing! No begging French authorities to sail in their waters. The event will look like this:

Saturday 10.30 bridge start 11 am approx. . Two short races in Simpson Bay to warm up. Third race is a longer race that finishes outside of Bobbys Marina in Great Bay. Free dockage as available at Bobbys Marina. Awards at Aziana restaurant (ex 12m location) on the dock at Bobbys Marina. Multihull class will skip the short races and go straight to a long race also finishing at Bobbys Marina. Aziana restaurant will offer drinks and dinner specials for regatta participants

Sunday start 10 am in Great Bay. Two short races in Great Bay followed by a longer race that should get you to the bridge for the 3pm inbound opening.

For low raters/cruising class the long races will have a shortened version. We are talking to some cruising boat possible entries. We are hoping for a strong showing of local multihulls.

Awards at SMYC on Sunday at 5.30pm.

You will be able to enter on the SMYC site in the near future.

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