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Domino's Interschool Dinghy Sailing Championship 2018 rescheduled due to bad weather

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

The Domino’s Interschool Dingy Sailing Championship 2018 sponsored by Domino’s Pizza was all set to take place last Saturday but the torrential downpour of rain including thunder and lightning that plummeted the island left organizers making the decision to discontinue the event and reschedule to Saturday, November 3rd.

Thirty one students between the ages of 8-18 representing 6 schools were still rigging the boats when dark clouds rolled over the hills into Simpson Bay and the weather took a turn for the worst.

Race committee evaluated the conditions and was eager to see whether it would clear up in time to still go out and race, but finally had to make a decision and postponed the event. Whilst disappointed about not going sailing, the youngsters made the best of the situation and played games and danced in the rain while the race Committee finalized its decision. Smiles started to really appear when Domino’s brought in pizza for the kids to enjoy.

‘’Domino’s is proud to the sponsor this annual regatta. Due to the inclement weather and in the interest of safety for the young sailors, it was decided to postpone until a later date. Events like these are so important as it creates friendly interscholastic competition all the while kids are outside, active, and engaged in sports,’’ said John Caputo, the Domino’s Franchisee.

Race Officer Paul Miller of Regatta Guru said “Unfortunately, we had to postpone the event. A bit of rain won’t stop sailors, but once there is the threat of thunder storms, conditions are no longer safe to go out. Besides, it Is really important that the kids have fun at the event, which is greatly impacted by weather, so we are hoping for better weather conditions early November’’.

The Domino’s Interschool Dinghy Sailing Championship will now be held on November 3rd at the Sint Maarten yacht Club in Simpson bay. More information about this event can be found on the website:

Photo: Smiles started to really appear when Domino’s brought in pizza for the kids to enjoy.

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