Former youth sailor, Bodine Beentjes supporting the SMYC Youth Program all the way from Madrid

Bodine Beentjes, now a student at the IE University of Madrid, was a youth sailor at SMYC before. In her words: ' The yacht club has been an essential part of my upbringing. Spending all my weekends at the regattas and then training during the week made me who I am today'. She is now completing het second year at IE University and joined the University sailing team. Sailing is her passion and she want to encourage all the young people to join the youth sailing program of the SMYC. She was devastated to hear about the destruction caused by Irma and therefore held a fundraiser at her University to support sailing. She raised $1,000 and her parents generously supported her efforts and added another $500.

We want to thank Bodine and her parents for this tremendous effort and are looking forward to welcoming her at the Club during her quick visit

to the island in June!

Bodine Beentjes (3rd from the right) with the sailing coordinators of her sailing club.

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