Island Water World winner of the 2nd race of the Grant Thornton Keelboat Series

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

The second Grant Thornton Keelboat Race was sailed in perfect conditions and gave three boats excellent training conditions. A fourth entry was the ex Volvo Ocean Racer “Maiden” who took out young Sint Maarten sailors on the course.

Frits Bus’s Island Water World team on a Melges 24 showed their competence by holding off Ian Hope Ross ‘s Kick em Jenny, a Melges 32. The Melges 32 is a very high potential boat that is challenging on short courses. The Kick em Jenny team had some good moments but Fritz Bus was more consistent.

Third was the new J70 of Garth Steyn who managed to score a second place in the second race.

Photo's made by Amalia Llorca

Maiden was rigged in a training mode for the first races and was relatively slow but in the last longer race to Great Bay she showed more speed with a bigger sail.

The ex Volvo Racer “Maiden” was stirred and managed by young sailors, assisted by the all womens crew of Maiden. The youth sailors where very excited afterwards: “The Maiden Factory is an inspiring and beautiful boat. She is so smooth through the water and an absolute honor to sail on. Racing on Sunday was an opportunity of a lifetime. When I was sailing on her I felt so free and alive, feeling the spray on my face and bounce on the waves. I learned so much and I’m so thankful to the crew for giving me the opportunity to helm, grind and more on such a historic boat. I wish them luck in their journey to support girls’ education,” sais Grace Cheasley, on of the Sint Maarten Yacht Club sailing students.

Next Grant Thornton keelboat series will be held on Sunday 12 January.

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