Large percentage of racing sailboats ready to participate in the first Grant Thornton Keelboat race

It is difficult to recall a time in the past when such a large percentage of the racing type sailboats on Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin have indicated their readiness and intention to participate in the first Grant Thornton keelboat race of the season.

The top rating boat Kick em Jenny Melges is going to be ready to go as is the Melges 24, Island Water World I and hopefully also Island Water World II. The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta winner Wanna Be has a gleaming new mast and rig and is also ready to go, as are the FKG boat and the French side based boat of Erwan Normand. Then there is the J 70 that is sailed by Garth Steyn and is probably the most practiced boat of the fleet.

We are scheduled to have up to five Jeanneau 20’s on the water to be sailed by Ian Martin, Nils Jannichsen, Petro Jonker and Tony.

A new entrant to the racing scene will be Bennie Oosterhof’s Archambault 22 Sprinto. This small sister of the well known French Archambault series and a successor to the famous Surprise series is a centre boarder and a very modern one.

We are pleased to announce that the race officer for this Sunday will be Ernst Looser who will lead the experienced team of Corine Draesner, Clenda Pecht and Carin Adelstein as this best ever fleet takes to the waters of Simpson Bay in what are predicted to be 14- 15 knot winds.

The club can be very pleased with the entry for this Sunday. All that we could now hope for is a cruising class to be added to this solid fleet.

Entrants are reminded that they can enter via the SMYC web site which enters them in Yacht Scoring. The Notice of Race has now also been posted and the courses can also be found online at Payments must be done before Saturday at the office between 8:30am and 5pm or online.

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