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Learning Unlimited overall winner of the 3rd Annual Domino’s Interschool Dinghy Sailing Championship

Sunday February 9th the 3rd Annual Domino's Interschool Dinghy Sailing Championship took place.

A total of 29 sailors on 22 boats representing 7 schools took part in 6 races in tough conditions in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Every race saw multiple capsized boats due to strong gusts, but the participants persevered to battle for the trophies in 5 different classes: RS Quest, Laser, Laser Pico, Optimist and of course the overall school trophy.

From left to right: Emma Lennox, Sahil Khatnani, Param Jessani, Summer Jean Morton, John Caputo (Domino's Pizza), James Lennox, Lucien Altier, Ajani Blake, Lilou Mouyal, Anne Simiele (LU teacher).

In the RS Quest class Kai Henriquez and Mathijs Detering from the Milton Peters College (MPC) took third place. Grace Cheasley and Stefan Grapinet won a couple of races and ended up in second place for the Caribbean International Academy (CIA). The winners were Summer Jean Morton and Sahil Khatnani from Learning Unlimited (LU) who struggled with the strong winds in the morning but came back in the afternoon by winning all 3 races.

In the Laser class MPC got another third place with Alex Speetjens. The battle for first and second was extremely close with Emma Lennox (LU) and Ajani Destin (Saint Dominic High School) tying for points but Ajani took the day by having won the last race.

The Optimist class saw 3 competitors keeping it very close, all 3 having won races. In the end Rio Stomp got third place for the Sister Regina School, while Adriaan Coppelmans from the St. Maarten Montessori School stranded 1 point from victory on second place. The winner was Caii Banting for the Sister Regina School, who had won half of the races.

The biggest class was the Laser Pico class, in which 9 boats contested. In third place ended Nathan Rogers for CIA, who found his way after the first few races, finishing in the top 3 in the last 4 races. Ajani Blake and Param Jessani from LU took 2nd place after winning the last race. None of them got close in points to the winner tough, because Lucas Disch from St. Dominic, dominated the day winning. He won 5 of the 6 races.

For the overall school trophies, the results of the 3 best performing boats per school were added and compared. CIA took home the third-place trophy, while Sister Regina got second place because of their results in the Optimist Class. The overall winner was Learning Unlimited thanks to their podium finishes in three different classes.

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