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Learning Unlimited overall winner of the 4th Annual Domino’s Interschool Dinghy Sailing Championship

Simpson Bay, St. Maarten, D.W.I. – 18 January, 2021

The 4th edition of the Domino’s Interschool Dinghy Sailing Championship took place on Saturday January 16. A total of 26 sailors on 22 boats representing 10 schools took part in 6 races in gusty conditions in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Every race saw excellent racing, especially from some relatively new sailors, making tough competition for trophies in 5 different classes: RS Quest, Laser, Laser Pico, Optimist and of course the overall school trophy.

In the Laser class St. Dominic got a third place with Lucas Disch on a Laser Radial and Kai Henriquez representing Milton Peters College (MPC) only 2 points ahead in second place sailing a Laser Standard. The undisputed winner in the Laser class was Emma Lennox with all bullets in a Laser 4.7 taking a big win for her school Learning Unlimited (LU).

In the RS Quest class 3 schools were represented: LU, Caribbean International Academy (CIA) and Kidz at Sea (KAS). Louka Williams and Derek Matser from CIA sailed strong, but encountered challenges preventing them from completing the 5th race or compete in the final race. Being a new team in the RS Quest it is very noteworthy for having participated. Mathijs Detering and Delhon Hewitt from KAS took a second place all whilst trying to beat Summer Jean Morton and Sahil Khatnani over the finish first. One race they came close, but made a tactical mistake costing them the one first place they had their eye on. This allowed Summer and Sahil to sail 6 bullets and resulted in another big win for LU.

The Optimist class saw 8 competitors, including some new(er) faces, from 4 different schools. The racing was extremely competitive between the top 5 sailors, especially the top 3. Adriaan Coppelmans sailing for Sint Maarten Montessori, Caii Banting sailing for LU and Chris de Wilde also sailing for Sint Maarten Montessori all got wins. Adriaan took third place, with Caii and Chris tied for points, but due to the number of first places Chris took the overall win in the Optimist class with 3 first places. These young sailors all showed their skills and determination and how close the competition is in this class.

The Laser Pico class was well represented with 6 boats on the water, mainly sailed by children who have only started sailing 6 months ago. Terrence Agard competed for the very first time and even though he was in the back of the fleet for most races, he kept on sailing and with a big smile on his face trying to beat the others over the finish line. His persistence may not have given him a top 3 place, but with a 3rd and 5th place and his admirable attitude he did win the Sportsmanship Award, recognizing him for his efforts and love for sailing.

John Caputo, representing title sponsor Domino’s, presented Terrence with the award and explained how important sportsmanship is in sailing. Afterwards he said “it was wonderful to see 26 children on the water having fun, while competing in a sport they clearly love. You could see the smiles on the faces, and therefore Domino’s is happy to make sure this event keeps happening. It is a great means to introduce kids to sailing and of course the competition between schools is a great addition to the overall event.”

In third place Jayden Aventurin took a win for the Sister Magda School. In second place a newcomer to the program Boo Faustin, who started sailing in the summer camp and is showing tremendous development on the Pico, took a win for Sundial School. Alex Speetjens recently returned to the sailing program took first place and a win for MPC.

For the overall school trophies, the results of the 3 best performing boats per school were added and compared. MPC took home the third-place trophy, while Sint Maarten Montessori got second place. The overall winner was Learning Unlimited thanks to their podium finishes in three different classes.

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