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MAIDEN Inspired!

This month on Dec.12th the SMYC welcomed the iconic yacht “Maiden” to our dock for 6 days while on their 2-year World Tour, leaving the positive message “Anything is possible!”

The 58 ft. Bruce Farr designed aluminum ocean racing yacht made the history books when it carried the first all-female crew to ever compete in the Whitbread Round the World Race skippered by Tracy Edwards in 1989/90. Tracy and crew stunned the world by finishing second in their class and winning 2 legs, changing the face of the sport forever.

Maiden has been restored to her former glory and is once again sailing around the world with an all-female crew, this time raising funds and awareness to support equality, empowerment, and education for girls.

Photo made by Amalia Infante

While here on the island, their busy schedule included presentations at 4 local high schools, a Meet & Greet and an Open Day at the SMYC to tour the boat, a presentation at the YC, and 4 special screenings at the Caribbean Megaplex Cinema of the awarding winning documentary film “Maiden” with a Q & A afterwards with the crew.

They also competed in our Keelboat Series race on Sunday the 15th, taking 8 teenagers out racing with them from the SMYC Sailing School and the Kids at Sea program, in addition to taking more teens out sailing from these programs on Monday afternoon.

While here they not only inspired those they encountered, but also raised funds for the Maiden Factor Foundation through donations and merchandise sales.

(And they have also entered the Heineken Regatta and will be back in March which we are thrilled about!)

We thank the amazing crew of Maiden for making a stopover to St. Maarten on their 9th leg of their Round the World Tour - Skipper Liz Wardley, Courtney Koos, Belle Henry, Erica Lush, Amalia Infante, and Project Assistant Mack Edwards-Mair.

Special thanks go out to YC member Garth Steyn of Kids at Sea for all his amazing assistance during their stay, to the Port Sint Maarten Group of Companies, The Simpson Bay Resort, YC member Kelly Mossley, the Caribbean Megaplex Cinema, and especially to YC Board member Janet Robertson-Morton for bringing this all together and making it happen.

If you would like to learn more about the Maiden Factor or would like to make a donation, please visit their website at

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