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Moderate breezes on Saturday were enjoyed by strong participation group with a total of 20 boats

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

In the Laser class the two equal point leaders had been scheduled to have a final hot competition, but Jolyon Ferron’s boat failed him leaving Frits Bus to take the series win. But on the actual day Benoit Maesemaker of St. Barths gave all the Laser sailors a master class in sailing these boats and wiped the fleet. The series result ended up with Frits followed by Jolyon and Ryan Hope Ross took third place.

In the Sunfast 20 class three boats enjoyed close racing and ended up with equal points (7) and the tie break gave Alex Scarabelli the win over Robbie Ferron and Garth Steyn. The overall win was for Robbie in front of Andrea and Rien Korteknie.

In the Optimist Class Caii Banting continued his winning streak in the first race, but Adriaan Coppelmans managed to snatch 1st place in one race as well. Which secured them the top positions n the podium. Joining them on the podium was Chris de Wilde in 3rd place, who managed to keep Veronica Destin in 4th.

Before the race started in the Pico Class it looked like the podium would be made up of Ajani Blake, Melina de Vries and Jayden Aventurin, but Emma Lennox who missed the first weekend, managed to end up on 2nd place after winning all 5 races. Ajani secured the overall win by sailing to steady second places in all races. 3rd place was secured by Melina who managed to pass Jayden in the last races.

The RS vision class only saw 2 boats competing this second weekend. Justin Pieterse and Ajani Deston won all, but one race therefore securing the overall win. Mike van Galen and Marjolein Vink won 1 race but didn’t manage to overtake Summer Jean Morton and Mathijs Detering who dominated the first weekend, but had to miss the second. Therefore, Summer and Mathijs kept 2nd place overall with Mike and Marjolein in 3rd place.

The Stuyvesant series was the second series that is part of the Grant Thornton Season Championship that continues right through the 2019/2020 sailing season. The first one was the Soons series. The third race will be the Hoedemaker Series on Saturday 25 January and Saturday 1 February. This race will be for Lasers and RS Visions only. Next race for all boats will be held on Saturday 22 February (first day of the Hope Ross Series).

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