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One year makes all the difference

A year ago the world looked different from today. Even those who were well prepared were not prepared enough. There was simply no way to prepare for a hurricane like Irma. Our team certainly tried and for that we are most grateful. The Club’s losses were significant, but at least the building remained standing and that provided the highly necessary drive to start recovery. True motivation was found in the support from our members, friends and the international sailing community. Without you we would not be where we are today.

And where we are today is a good place. We rebuilt, we restructured, we accomplished. Are we done? Not at all, but then again, are you ever really done?

50 kids started sailing this week and show great potential. A large number of sailing events are up and coming and our social events are well attended. We welcomed back an ‘old’ generation of former youth sailors that returned to the island and are here to race and many other exciting plans are in the works.

It wasn’t easy to get where we are today, but by looking ahead at all the opportunities we managed to ‘sail through’. Many will look back today and reflect on what was before Irma, how Irma wreaked havoc on the island and the horrible aftermath. And yes, we think about it daily too and it should never be forgotten, but our focus is on the positive and on the future, it simply has to be in order to keep moving forward.

Support was our initial motivator, but as the months passed by, it became clear what really makes this Club ‘tick’ and that is pure passion. We have seen it in our members, in island visitors from other yacht clubs, sailors from all over the world, but most importantly in our board members, committee members, volunteers and staff.

One year really makes all the difference. We went from being afraid of what could go wrong to being excited of what could go right.

Thank you for your support in this process and we are looking forward to a year of smooth sailing!

Michele Korteweg

General Manager

Sint Maarten Yacht Club

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