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SMYC Sailing School End of the Season Party

On June 5th the SMYC Sailing School organized the end of the season certificate and prizegiving party and it was a success!

With a great turnout; 50 of the sailors from our regular sailing program came together in the Yacht Club to receive their progress report or sailing diploma and have a 'disco'.

All the sailing groups came forward for their moment of fame. It was great to see so many happy faces when the children showed their parents their diploma and progress.

We had special prices for Most Helpfull Instructor; Grace Cheasly. Most Helpfull Student; Francener Faustin. And most improved student; Joseph Johnson, who only started sailing a few months ago.

We were able to thank our assistant instructors as well; Grace, Summer, Sahil and Kai. We had a great team to work with this season. Three of them are going off island in a few months to study abroad. Summer will go to Scotland, Kai will go to Holland and Sahil will go to America. We have thanked them for their time and effort, put into the sailors in the sailing school program. We really appreciate this and will miss having them around.

We are proud to let you all know that we have found new assistant instructors for help us next season. Francener Faustin, Natalie Johnson, Alex Speetjens, Lucas Disch, Louka Williams and Emma Lennox. We are looking forward working with them.

After this ceremony we had a disco; played musical chair, had Domino's Pizza, ice-cream sponsored by Divico and great snacks made by parents.

Pictures are online!

Even though we gave out diploma's; the regular sailing school program is not over yet.

The last regular week of sailing school is June 14th.

Summer camp will start at June 27th. You can still register for summer camp here.

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