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Sailors blew off the cobwebs in first post-COVID-19 dinghy race in excitingly windy conditions

Simpson Bay – June 8th, 2020 - Shaking off the cobwebs was taken to a whole other level this past Saturday when 19 teams got out on the water for the first post-COVID race organized by the Sint Maarten Yacht Club. Sailors were facing very windy conditions, but overall, it was the fun of being back sailing that dominated on the racecourse.

In the Optimist class Caii Banting showed how it was done as he was screaming down the course with a smile on his face taking 3 bullets home. Chris de Wilde, Dax Henriquez and Adriaan Coppelmans had their own battle on the racecourse, taking turns at who came in second place. At the end of the day Chris de Wilde claimed second and Dax Henriquez third place with Adriaan Coppelmans only 1 point behind. Special mention to Arhan Bahrani who wanted to give it a go and went out on the course, but the conditions were too challenging for him to continue. Still, the spirit was there!

Where the boys dominated the Opti fleet, it was the girls who represented the Pico fleet. Skylar Peterson and Melina de Vries enjoyed a friendly competition, with Skylar winning the final race putting her in first place.

The RS Quest class became its own Family Feud, with Summer Jean Morton sailing with her mother Janet Robertson, Mathijs Detering with his father Frank Detering and Arthur Banting with his girlfriend Caoimhe. Once Summer and Janet warmed up after the first race they got the 3 bullets they were after. Arthur and Caoimhe sailed very consistent, but Mathijs and Frank managed to get them on the final race.

The Lasers were very well represented with a fleet of 6 and showed young talent versus the experienced. Emma Lennox recently started racing a Laser and did very well in these heavy winds on her 4.7. Justin Pieterse is no stranger to Laser sailing and sailed the Radial well. Alec Scarabelli and Kai Henriquez took on Frits Bus and Han de Bruyn Kops in the standards, no easy feat for sure. Young talent dominated the top 3, with Emma Lennox in first place, Han de Bruyn Kops in second place and Alec Scarabelli in third place.

Good fun and serious competition was seen in the Jenneau 20s class between Ian Martin, Garth Steyn, Robbie Ferron and Iain Mobbs. Ian Martin was a true shocker on the course as it was his first time racing a Jenneau 20 and after 1 race he became unstoppable and took 3 bullets home, resulting in first place overall. Garth sailed very consistent and came in second place each time except for the last race when Robbie swept in for second place. Overall, he ended in second place with Robbie hot on his heels with 1 point difference in third place.

Not a bad day of racing for the first time back out on the water. More fun will be had in the first keelboat race post-COVID on June 21st. For more information check out or contact

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