Sint Maarten Yacht Club dock is closed until further notice.

As most of you will have heard by now, this morning an accident occurred with a mega yacht. They lost control over the vessel and hit the dock of the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.

Nobody was injured and the damage is solely structural, however it is very significant. We are currently assessing the extend of the damage to make a plan to rebuild.

Our main concern right now is safety, therefore the the Sint Maarten Yacht Club dock cannot be used until further notice. This means no dinghy access, no provisioning, no drop offs, etc.

We refer you to the police dock by the bridge (open till 6pm) or the dock by Nowhere Special (no lights at night). Of course there is also Dinghy Dock further down the road.

Sailing lessons have been canceled for the remainder of the week while we make a plan moving forward. More information will be sent out in the upcoming days.

We kindly ask you when visiting the Sint Maarten Yacht Club to NOT go near the docks. Signage is placed to indicate no access and this is to ensure everyone's safety.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute in any way, please contact

We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify you once the dock is back in use.

The SMYC team

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