SMYC Participated in SXM DOET with two projects on March 11 and 12.

Updated: Mar 15

The SMYC is looking back on a successful weekend, participating in SXM DOET with 2 projects.

On Friday March 11th, the sailors that are participating in the Primary School Sailing program, from the Seventh Day Adventist school came together and painted the concrete wall next to the restaurant's viewing deck. We are creating a colorful underwater themed mural and the participants managed to color the background. The final image will include underwater objects like coral, a sailboat, a turtle and much more.

The kids cannot wait for their next sailing class this Friday so they can see their creation from the water. A big thanks goes to Paul (father of Roxy, one of the sailors in the primary school program) for making the design and helping us paint, and to Budget Marine for donating the painting materials.

On the second day of SXM DOET, Saturday March 12th, the SMYC crew organized a Lagoon Clean Up!

The volunteers were a mix of sailors and parents from the SMYC Sailing School program, a youth group from a local church, and other individuals. The crew and the volunteers went out into the lagoon to pick up as much trash as they can find. Unfortunately because of the strong winds we did not get to use our sailing boats and paddle boards as planned, but the crew went out with our motorized dinghy's instead.

The sad reality was that it did not take long at all to find trash in the lagoon. Only after 20 minutes a group of 5 came back with a full bag each. Most of it was found around the shoreline at Snoopy Island. We found all sorts of trash, from shoes to lighters and from take-out boxes to pillows. After about 2 hours of cleaning up with 20 volunteers we collected an estimated 200KG of trash. And unfortunately this is no where close to all the trash still floating around in the lagoon. This is a good lesson for everybody to throw your trash in the bin and reduce the amount of trash you create. Please be aware that plastic water bottles, takeout boxes and plastic straws were the 3 main items and about 50% of all the trash we found this day. Be aware of your carbon footprints and the effect on the environment.

Because of this success the SMYC is planning another Lagoon Clean Up a the end of high season. Would you like to join this clean up? Send an email to

The SMYC is thankful to SXM DOET for organizing this great annual initiative, and to all volunteers and partners that participated in both projects.

Find more pictures here.

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