SMYC Sailing School chose IYT Dinghy Certification as standard diploma for their students.

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The Sint Maarten Yacht Club Sailing School has chosen the International Yacht Training certification as a standard sailing diploma, for all our students in the after school sailing program.

The diploma's that the sailing school was handing out in the past were not officially valid, it was mainly to keep track of the students progress. But the Sailing School is very proud and excited to now being able to hand out a sailing diploma that is officially valid all over the world.

Currently the Sailing School has 3 instructors that are IYT Dinghy Sailing Instructor certified. A great improvement for the quality of the program!

“There will be 2 moments during the year where progress is being analyzed. Half way through the year, right before the Holiday Break in December, and at the end of the sailing season in June. This will be the moment where we order diploma’s. If the sailor is in between levels, a progress report will be handed out”, explains Saskia Revelman, Sailing School Manager at the SMYC.

The Maritime School of the West Indies on Sint Maarten will exam and process the certificates, as they are the official IYT location on island.

Student books with theory, per student and level, will be handed out to all students at the SMYC December progress ceremony on December 16, from 5 till 6 PM.

If the steps underneath are not completed, books can not be handed out to the student.


Register online as a student via this link;

Students | IYT Worldwide

You will need a copy of your passport and ID on your computer to upload to your profile.

After registration, you will receive a student number. Please send this student number after the registration to

The following documents need to be filled in, signed and returned to Saskia.

As the Maritime School on Sint Maarten will process the certificates, when they ask to pick a IYT location during the IYT registration, use these details;

Maritime Services & Training

Maritime School of the West Indies

Sint Maarten, D.W.I.

Tel. + 1 721 580 5806

Any questions, ask our instructors or contact

Sint Maarten Yacht Club

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