The 20th edition of the Regatta Art Competition has been kicked off!

Last week, almost all Dutch schools and after schools received an assignment package to participate during the Regatta Art Competition (RAC). The main goal of the competition is to spark the creativity of the children by recycling and reusing material, make them familiar with the Marine Industry and the activities of the St. Maarten Regatta.

In the competition kids from both primary and secondary schools will be placed in 5 different age groups. Each group will have multiple assignment to choose from. Assignments vary from making a painting or building a boat to creating a miniature beach. Besides the assignments they can choose from, there will also be a group assignment. This group assignment is created to make the kids more aware of the amount of garbage on the Island in a fun way. 12 million kg of garbage will be produced every year. There are 7,6 billion people, 7,6 billion/12 million= 0,0158 kg a year which means 5,31 kg per person a year. Try to collect 5 kg of plastic bottles with your group and reuse these bottles for the swing.

All swings will eventually be placed in the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta village.

The deadline of handing in their artwork will be February 25th, 2019, so children will have two months’ time to create an amazing artwork. The ones who made the most beautiful art work per group will receive amazing prices during the prizegiving which will take place at February 3th, 2019. The participant can win great prizes that are sponsored by local business.

For more information send an email to:

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