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Very successful season for the primary school sailing program at the SMYC Sailing School!

We are extremely proud of the 12 young students from the Sr.Regina Primary School!

5 months ago, we were able to resume our cooperation and resume the free sailing classes on a weekly basis, after all the problems with Covid 19.

The primary school program facilitates the possibility to local kids and students of the 6th grade of the Sr Regina Primary School to learn how to sail, during school hours. We have build up their confidence to be around and on the water. The students learned how to capsize and upright the boat, points of sail, steering a boat and much more. On June 17th these students had their last sailing class and were handed out a certificate of participation.

"The progress that these kids made is great to see! Sailing is not only a physical sport, but it teaches you life skills as well; as taking responsibility and making decisions.

It was great to see the smiles on their faces in the last class of the season. We are looking forward to continuing the program next year with new sailors! Well done kids!" Said Sam Peeks, sailing instructor at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club.

You can find more pictures here

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